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September 7, 2017
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It’s no secret my name is Sky, but shooting them didn’t become a passion for me until a couple of years ago. To be honest it was the last thing I began shooting in my career and it was on a total humbug!

So how did I start you asked???

Well, I was actually working at a college teaching photography. We had very limited resources so my students would often get discouraged about lack off access they had to equipment  for practice. Which most would agree is a valid argument and in a lot of ways it is. In this industry there is always a need or desire to work with newest, best, and most expensive gear. If you’re just waiting on your chance to work with what’s on the top of the line, or perfect conditions you’ll never get the opertunity to learn or shoot. So one of the things I would always preach to my classes was you can practice shooting anywhere anytime. So long as you have light and lens (a camera or your eye) you can practice seeing light, composition, exposing properly, posing subjects and tons of other stuff if you let go and be creative.

Of course my students thought I was just blowing smoke where the sun don’t shine…….

But one day after class, while I was sitting in my car stuck in traffic I took my own advice. As my car sat in the rush hour parking lot we call a high way, I looking up through my sunroof and saw how beautiful the sky above me looked. So I grabbed my camera out of its bag in the backseat and began to shoot. Naturally the next day I started my lesson with a display and critique of my shots. One because I wanted the class to know I would put my money where my mouth was, and two because it honestly inspired me to show a class full of students whom where all older then me that you could make something from nothing if you changed your way of looking at the situation.

What started as photography exercise turned into an important life lesson for us all. Nobody wants to sit in traffic but with my lens it suddenly became my new favorite pass time .  I never really had an interest in shooting landscapes or anything non-people before that point. But after that day I fell in love with them and I’ve made it my mission to capture those beautiful fleeting moments all over the world ever since.


~Sky Wind



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