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As a society we often have mixed views and messages in regards to the naked body.                    IMG_1492 copy             _MG_2339 b&w

What’s appropriate? What’s inappropriate? What’s vulgar? What’s art?  What’s sexy?  What’s natural?  What’s pretty? What’s acceptable?

All these classifications about what’s the right or wrong thing to do with our bodies is crazy! We as Americans have particularly unhealthy views on the subject and have caused countless generations of sexual repression, self hate, and shame for the only thing we really have in this world. Why is it that a few inches of flesh hold so much power over the identity of our society? Why does it have such a polarizing effect on how we look at ourselves? Is it because we where never taught that we are beautiful? Or is it to be weary of people who may have ill intent they see you exposed. There are a thousand reasons that we could go into but the one I would like to dig into today is learning to love yourself so that you can appreciate others.

It’s no secret I’m a 30 year old man and I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I know who I am, what I like, and what makes me happy. Like many others in this world I don’t like wearing clothes all the time. Sure when it comes to dressing for warmth or being fashionable at an event I’m all for looking your best. So no I’m not marching the streets naked or flashing old ladies, but if I’m in the comfort of safe spaces I’m peeling right out of my clothes and enjoying the freedom of letting my skin breath. Family, friends, or lovers may occasionally joke and try to body shame me into putting a on shirt when we casually hang out. Why because you’re uncomfortable? If I were a women doing the same thing (in the privacy of her own space because we have a ridiculous double standard in public)  would it be acceptable then or would it still be an issue?  Most of us were breast feed and we all were frothed from the loins of our parents, but women’s nipples are treated like  leprosy and genitals of either gender may as well be heroine (highly illegal, dangerous, addictive)  to American society.

As a people we must learn to shed these unhealthy fixation and learn to love ourselves inwardly first and exude that outward. We must continue to fight the unhealthy oppressive culture that continues to perpetuate self hate racial and sexual marginalization and culturalism. We as a people as a world society should be more concerned with mental, physical, and spiritual and economical health. We were all born into this world as naked babies with the same needs and desires which are to be loved, fed, and sheltered. Everything else is just the shadow of some conqueror who’s already dead viewpoint on how the world should be. Brake the mold of outdated thinking by loving yourself and others nakedly. Give yourself and others reassurance that needs for self love, growth and individuality is okay. Aggressively stop those who would do physical or physiological harm to others because of their closed minded view points on life.

Stand naked in the mirror and in life and know that

You are beautiful

Your body is beautiful

Your complexion is beautiful

Your heritage is beautiful

Your hair is beautiful

You are worthy

You’re needs are valid

You deserve love

You have greatness to offer

You are more then an object

You deserve happiness

You deserve pleasure

You are a work of art


~Sky Wind


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